York, the home of chocolatiers

Some of the world's best-known names in chocolates originate from York!

Discover York's Chocolate Trail

Some of the world's best-known names in chocolates originate from York - Rowntree created Kit-Kat, Smarties and Aero; Terry's invented the Chocolate Orange and the All Gold Collection; and Cravens are famous for their French Almonds and Mary-Ann Toffees.

An easy 35-minute walk from Middlethorpe Hall to the centre of our beautiful City will allow you to discover some iconic places related to York's chocolate history. Simply follow the trail and you will soon encounter:

  • On the opposite side of the Knavesmire Racecourse is Goddard's House - a beautiful Arts & Craft property designed by Brierley, which was the home of Noel Terry (now owned by the National Trust);
  • You will pass in front of the former Terry's chocolate factory - a beautiful collection of Art Deco buildings currently being re-developed;
  • On the same route and along the River Ouse is Rowntree park, a gift to the City of York by Rowntree's in 1921 as a memorial to the cocoa workers who fell during the First World War; Listed gates were added to the park in memory of those who died in the Second World War;
  • In the heart of the City lies St Helen's Square, where you can still see the elegant Terry's Chocolate Shop; the name is still quite visible;
  • The recently restored Mansion House nearby was the residence of Joseph Terry during his tenure as Sheriff of York in 1870 and then as Lord Mayor four times;
  • The trail ends in King's Square, where we recommend a visit to York's Chocolate Story - this attraction is an entertaining and informative guided tour through the history of York's most famous chocolatiers, as well as a tasting experience.