Bring the serenity of nature to your mind, body and skin.

Aromatherapy Associates Forest Therapy
Hot Stone Massage at Middlethorpe Spa


Feel restored from the stresses of modern day living, cleansed of pollution and relieved from restlessness and agitation.

Forest Therapy's unique essential oil blend and treatment massage will reinforce your intention to feel refreshed, tranquil and grounded.

Starting with a cleansing, guided inhalation and tension releasing long, deep massage, followed by a warm grounding mud mask to recharge through hands and feet. Finally restoring tranquility to the mind with our expert scalp massage.

Full Body, Scalp & Facial

80-minute treatment - £90

Massage focussed on the back, legs, abdomen and scalp. Hot stone placement and warm mud mask to hands and feet. Facial featuring exfoliation, mud mask and pressure point massage.

Body & Scalp 

50-minute treatment - £75

Massage focused on the back, legs and scalp. Warm mud mask to hands and feet.

Please see Spa Reception to book your Forest Therapy Treatment.

Being in the Forest is not only good for the soul - scientific research is now showing that just being outside in the fresh air can soothe stress, boost happiness and help fight disease.

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