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Pamper yourself at Middlethorpe Spa with award-winning, radiant Decléor.

With over thirty years’ experience, Decléor products have won accolades from leading magazines and Beauty Professionals worldwide. Their products maintain a close alliance with the botanical world and promote the 'Aroma Duo Concept' a unique skin care concept which combines the powers of Aromatherapy with the benefits of Phototherapy (plant-based) resulting in a radiant and healthy complexion for both men and women.

NEOM - Luxury Organics

Based in Harrogate, Neom is the result of a wish to create products that are genuinely different and as close to perfect as possible: a range of home fragrance and body care products whose credentials are unequivocal, which are truly organic and effective, and which bring a touch of glamour.

Neom is obsessed with getting you to reduce your chemical count and strongly oppose syntheitc scents and harsh ingredients.  It also believes beauty should be about spoiling yourself, fabulous scents and utter indulgence.

From the beautiful scents of the home fragrance collection to the superior cleansing and moisturising properties of its body care collection, we hope that as the team here has, you will fall in love with Neom.

"These (body) oils bring some real luxury to the natural beauty market.  We love the quality - they leave skin soft & supple, not greasy - and the blend of mood enhancing, gorgeous scents to choose from" Harper's Bazaar



The CACI Treatment is the result of 20 years of research in micro current therapy originally developed to treat sport injuries.  The CACI treatment is totally painless, completely safe and non invasive.  CACI stands for Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument, first appearing in England in 1991, and became known as the ‘non-surgical’ facelift.

Benefits of CACI
CACI uses a tiny micro current, which helps to tone, lift and re-educate the muscles back to their original position. The CACI treatments produce powerful results:

  • Redefine natural contours and facial features, such as jawline and cheek bones

  • Rejuvenates skin texture, softening wrinkles and improving fine lines.

  • The micro current process reduces puffiness around the eyes by improving lymphatic drainage.

  • It also boosts collagen and elastin levels, whilst increasing protein synthesis and cell renewal.

  • By stimulating blood circulation, the process promotes healing and you will notice your complexion gaining an easy rosy tone, giving it a refreshed radiance.

These are generally run as a course of treatments, averaging between 10 and 15 treatments.  The number of treatments depends on your skin tissue and muscle tone. It will not depend on your age!  Once a course is completed, you can return for a booster / maintenance treatment, which can be between 4-6 weeks.


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